The Common

Acton Green common under a layer of snow

Acton Green common is a splendid and very attractive park, much used and much loved by those who live around it, and great asset to the residents of the Acton Green area.

AGRA takes a particular interest in the upkeep and use of the Western part of the Green, Between Acton Lane and Fisher’s Lane.  We keep in close contact with Ealing Council over plans to improve the facilities on the Green, notably the very popular children’s playground.  We have been involved in decisions to expand the playground and plant trees of the common, and also in the control of recent work by Thames Water which involved some excavation on the Green.

We want to hear the views and ideas of members of AGRA, so that we can ensure that the local community’s views are heard and accepted by those responsible for parks and public spaces within Ealing Council.

Julie Sutton-Vane is AGRA’s committee member with special responsibility for Acton Green Common.