AGRA seeks to cover all the public issues and services that make the Acton Green area an increasingly popular neighbourhood to live in.  Our objectives are:

  • To promote and improve the amenities, safety and environment of the community of Acton Green
  • To evaluate objectively all proposals, public or private, which may affect the community of Acton Green, and to support or oppose proposals, depending on their impact on the community
  • To represent the Acton Green Community to the London Borough of Ealing and other third parties

We work with all local providers of public services and elected authorities on:

  • Transport, traffic and parking
  • Local environment
  • Planning issues
  • Crime prevention
  • The maintenance of Acton Green
  • Keeping our streets, pavements and public places clean and tidy

We organize two public meetings every year, and welcome comments, requests and ideas from all members.  AGRA is always represented at the Southfield Ward Forums, where we put forward and debate the requests and concerns of members of the association.