News Update – January 12, 2014

Marie’s Store is under threat again! Please help us save this valuable community asset! A new planning application has been made to demolish Marie’s Store (corner of Cunnington Street and Antrobus Road) and replace it with three two bedroom flats. An application to do this was made in May last year and was withdrawn in the face of huge local opposition. No warning was given of this new application (Ealing Council Planning ref: PP/2014/0011) and at the time of writing documents filed in support of the application are not yet available on the Council’s website (

The current deadline for objections is 30th January 2014. Watch this space for further news!

Over 140 people braved the wind and rain for Christmas Carols outside Marie’s Store on 22nd December

Christmas Carols outside Marie's Store 2014

Piccadilly Line Consultation: It was finally announced on 18th December 2013 that Turnham Green WILL be a regular stop on the Piccadilly line throughout the day. When this will happen is uncertain as the change is to await an upgrade of the line that may start in 2017 and be completed around 2023.

Renewals of AGRA subscriptions for 2014 are due now. The committee has sent out renewal forms to all members – some by email and some in printed form, by hand. Members, please return forms and subscription fees quickly to Rod Baker.

The future of the Cunnington Street church is under review. The present congregation of Acton Green Church in Cunnington Street cannot any longer support the cost of a dedicated minister and the upkeep of the building. Although the church has always been totally independent of the Church of England, Christ Church, Turnham Green, is providing support at the moment, and is offering the congregation the opportunity to hold services in Christchurch. A report on the future of the Cunnington Street church is also being produced.

The Cunnington Street building is a valuable resource to the local community. Any residents with ideas on how it could be more fully used are welcome to contact AGRA and

Potential development of the Sainsbury’s store and car park site: the office block at 414 Chiswick High Road is now closed, and several shops in Chiswick High Road, next to the office block are also closed. The car park reserved for the office block is also unused and closed. All this appears to presage the major property development for which ideas have already included moving the Sainsbury’s supermarket to face onto the High Road, and the construction of high rise blocks of flats on the present Sainsbury’s car park.

The site is just outside AGRA’s area. However the potential impact on AGRA’s members could be considerable. The committee is trying to get further information on the plans for this site and hopes to provide an update shortly.

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