Safer Neighbourhoods Panel

The main aim of the Southfield Ward Safer Neighbourhoods Panel is “to make the Ward a safer, more cohesive and congenial place in which to live, work and study”.

It supports and guides the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), sets the agenda for tackling concerns and the priorities for the SNT and oversees the development of Neighbourhood Watch within the Ward.

Members comprise up to 15 people who live, work or study in Southfield. Ward Councillors attend the meetings but do not have a vote. An Annual General Meeting is held in the autumn to which all residents are invited. At that meeting, a report is submitted and residents have the opportunity to raise any relevant matters and ask questions. They elect Panel members for the forthcoming year. A resident who wishes to have a matter discussed at one of the bi-monthly Panel meetings should contact the secretariat, c/o the SNT.