Crime Prevention

Police High-Vis jacket

As residents, we are all concerned about the threat of crime in our area, and still more about actual crimes committed.  We need to know how best to protect ourselves, our property and our community.

AGRA keeps in contact with the local police on crime prevention measures and on the reporting of crime.  We organise a meeting once a year, attended by the police, the Safer Neighbourhood Team and representatives from Ealing Council.  All residents are welcome at this meeting, to hear and discuss measures to prevent crime in our community.

The adjacent links will take you to websites that can provide you with information and help.

The local police station for the Acton Green area is in Acton High Street, across the road from the Morrisons supermarket.  However, some residents may find the police station in Chiswick High Road more convenient.   Although the station is in the Borough of Hounslow, the police are happy for resident of our area to call there.

To contact the police by telephone, there are four options:

  • Emergencies 999; use this when witnessing a crime or suspicious behavior, or when in fear or danger of an attack
  • Non-urgent messages 101; use this when reporting crime or allegations of a crime
  • Terrorism alert 0800 789 321
  • Crime-stoppers 0800 555 111; use this if you wish to provide confidential information on crime